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Total Energy: 165 kcal Ingredients: 2 pieces ,Proothie granola bar 1 cup ,Yogurt 2 teaspoons , Strawberry jam Fresh fruits (Optional) Instructions: Crush Proothie granola bar in separate bag until you have a fine crumb Add alternating yogurt and crackers in a cup Top with

Benefits to eating crickets  There are a number of benefits to eating crickets. Crickets may offer health benefits and provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly source of protein than other animal-based protein sources. Crickets are rich in protein The main reason people use crickets as a food source

Total Energy: 270 kcal Ingredients: 2 pieces, Proothie granola bar 25 grams, Melted butter 66 grams, Original yogurt 30 grams, Evaporated milk 3 tablespoons, Sweetened Condensed Milk 6 grams, Corn flour 1 teaspoon, Lemon juice Blueberry pie filling Instructions: Make the Crust Crush Proothie granola bars in