Proothie Story

Proothie protein snack bars were placed on the Thai market in the beginning of 2020 and a few months later the first batch of Proothie protein snack bars was shipped to Japan. Japan is a top priority market for snack bars and is number 4 in the world with a yearly sales volume of more than 600 tonnes.

Proothie protein snack bar was created with purpose to fill key needs for consumers with a healthier and better option that include higher protein, no added sugar and are convenient for an on-the-go active lifestyle, compared to traditional snack bars on the market.

Proothie protein snack bar is a healthy snack bar that meet the consumer’s desire for healthier, great tasting and convenient snack food. 51% of the global consumers state that they have switched from “traditional” snack products – such as chocolate and confectionary – to high protein/no added sugar alternative snacks.

Our vision is to leave a sustainable planet to the future generations which to us means:


Fundamental to addressing the current global nutrition crisis is to deliver food that can guarantee delivery of adequate nutrients to people affected by all forms of malnutrition and the population as a whole.


Through our business model, we have a distinctive opportunity to lead the way by setting a good examples for positive changes in rural areas in Thailand and neighboring countries.


It is clear that we need to do much more to keep ourselves and the planet healthy. The current Covid-19 pandemic is just one example.

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