entopowder™ Natural Cricket Powder

Cricket Powder originates from our own farmed crickets, grinded into 100% pure powder. Certified for according to GAP and GMP/HACCP

฿‎ 235.00 - ฿‎ 3,230.00
Size: 100g | 1kg | 2kg
More calcium than milk
More protein than beef
9 essential amino acids
More iron than spinach

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Our entopowder is derived from our own farmed crickets which guarantee a stable high quality with a fresh nutty flavour and is a 100% natural whole food form of protein that undergoes virtually no processing. Because of this, it is better for the consumer and the environment.

entopowder Key ingredients

Thai FDA number [77-1-08661-5-0002]
  • House crickets 100%

entopowder Important Information

Cricket contains twice as much protein as beef, as much calcium as milk, as much Vitamin B12 as salmon, and 19 amino acids, including Lysine.


Calcium 1,393 mg/kg

Magnesium 1,073 mg/kg

Phosphorus 8,690 mg/kg

Potassium 1,0627 mg/kg

Iron 64 mg/kg

Proteins 66g/100g


B12 22.6 μg/100g

B3 10.8 mg/100g

B2 1.86 mg/100g

19 amino acids including the essential 9, where the content of the vital Lysine is 3.24%, which is equal to a ribeye steak found on the 10th place of the 200 foods highest in Lysine. PB&J, veggie burgers, beans n’ rice, pancakes, dinner dishes and more!

 Global bugs certificate

Neutrition Information

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