Frequently asked questions

Can I use Proothie EntoPowder in recipes?

You can, of course. Adding a spoon or two of Proothie EntoPowder to a glass of smoothie in general, and preferably a green smoothie, is the simplest method to consume cricket powder. Though the options are unlimited because cricket protein powder can be used in virtually any recipe, you can also add a spoon to your favourite mocktail! You may use cricket protein powder in cooking by using it in variety of different food applications and recipes! Why not trying out a healthier recipe of pancakes or use it in different bakery products?

What are the benefits of using cricket powder?

The use of cricket protein powder has many advantages. A macronutrient called protein supports in the repair of damaged muscle tissue that is destroyed during exercise. As a result, since they are constantly constructing and repairing muscle and connective tissue, athletes often require more protein. Cricket protein powder is a fantastic and practical way to complement your diet as protein requirements for athletes are often two to three times higher than those for average persons. Cricket protein smoothies can also be used in place of meals by people trying to lose weight because they have a longer-lasting satiating impact than food.

How much protein in each Proothie Protein Bar?

Our cricket protein bars contain 20% protein which is equal to 4 gram of cricket powder as the total weight of the Proothie Protein Bar is 20 grams.

Where does your crickets come from?

All of our crickets are farmed indoors in our own closed facility where we control the whole value chain from cricket feed, through farming, processing to packing. Our farm and process factory are certified for human consumption and is food-grade. Our crickets consume purified water and certified feed which guarantee a consistently high and same quality at all time.

How do you produce your cricket powder?

After harvesting of the crickets, the crickets are cleaned in four different cleaning stations, then dried to reduce moisture below 5%, and ground into a fine cricket protein powder. The outcome is a protein- and micronutrient-rich cricket protein powder with a mildly nutty flavor and taste."

How does Proothie Protein Bars compare to other bars?

Proothie Protein Bars employ ingredients that are whole, lightly processed with focus on dietary priorities. The recipes are developed and owned by Global Bugs Asia in order to produce special healthy bars that are rich in protein, no added sugar, and filled with nutrients - ideal for snacking or pre/post exercise energy. The purpose of our Proothie Protein Bar is to offer consumers a healthier and better for you snacking option that include higher protein, no added sugar, and are convenient for an on-the-go active lifestyle.

What is the shelf life for Proothie Ento Powder?

The shelf life is presently 24 months.

What is the shelf life for Proothie Protein Bars?

The shelf life is presently 12 months.