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Why Proothie

No added sugar

Sweet but no sugar. Suitable for losing weight while still fulfilling your pastry needs.

High fiber

Easy-to-eat protein bars with high fiber helping your digestive system.

No trans fat

No worries about weight gain as as Proothie doesn't contain transfat that is harmful to the body.

Wholesome snacks

Grab a Proothie when feeling hungry which won't only fill your stomache but also provide a handful of benefits.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Boost your body's imune system and performance with a bar packed with a handful of minerals and vitamins.

Environment friendly

A very important food source for humans with higher protein percentage than many other sources as well a more sustainable process.

Product Reviews

I can't get over how exciting it is to have an environmentally sustainable product that tastes this great.


One of the products that I can't lack when taking care of my body.


When we get the chance to travel again, Proothie is a perfect healthy snack to bring with you when feeling needy.